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Agresar is working tirelessly to deal with challenges pertaining to poverty, education and environment!

Who are we ?

Founded in May 2017, Agresar Foundation brings to the fore, pertinent issues that plague the society and collaborates with enablers to bring about a change. The foundation is run by self-driven, socially accountable and morally balanced youth who wish to give their bit and more to the society.

What we do ?

Agresar has been working rigorously for the upliftment of underprivileged people society since the beginning. We have organised many events like cloth donation camps, study forums, cultural events and we are willing to do more.

Why we need Donation ?

When you donate, you not only give money, but also share your love, and give hope to those in need. To achieve a greater impact and expand our reach to more needful people, your contribution and generous support is very much appriciated.


for children


This is the Flagship initiative by the Agresar Foundation also known as the Study Forum !! Our volunteers conduct free tutorials for under privileged students. These tutorials include basic subjects like Maths, Science, Social Science along with hands on computer training. Agresar also distributes notebooks, course books and other study material to the students to encourage them.

for needful

Agresar Foundation has created an opportunity for all the people to extend their happiness to the less fortunate, by donating unused or used clothes in good condition. We conduct Cloth Donation Drives throughout the year to help the needy people.

For Mother earth


At Agresar, environment conservation isn’t an activity, it is a way of life. With regular plantations, tree donations, nurturing drives and awareness events, Agresar chunk of it’s time and effort to environmental activities.

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